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*tries to watch 45 minutes episode in 20 minutes*

"Do you know why Ethan & Cal have different surnames?"

I’m not too sure but my guess would be that Ethan has their mum’s surname and Cal has their dad’s :)


Vanilla Cupcake Brownies

omg I’m such an idiot one republic already toured england and I didn’t know omg why



Apparently this is "The clearest photo of Mercury ever taken."

why isnt everyone getting so excited about this, it is literally another planet look at how beautiful it is stop what your doing and look at how alien like this planet is what is living there oh my god mercury

generally not a great day…


Best Brownies Ever

"When I was a child, my favorite story was about a man who lived forever, but whose eyes were heavy with the weight of all he’d seen. A man who fell from the stars.