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"ikr and max is the lovliest person as well they suit so well and he cares for her so much oh god i care far too much for all of this characters than i should do ahaha slightly obsessed with casualty xxx"

story of my life & I rewatched 5 casualty episodes today so join the club :D xxx

"it will happen one day and when it does it will be perfect+ max and zoe's kiss from the episode before last omg ive been waiting so long for that xxx"

oh yes it will and yes me too because god knows that zoe deserves someone xxx

"aha aw i just love him really, and ethan oh god he is the most adorable human being i ship him and lily so much xxx"

omg yes ethan is adorable and yes him and lily oh yes xxx

"cal is pretty dodgy tbh and probably would con fletch for his money aha but i love him all the same xxxxxx"

yeah but he’s so good looking so that’s a shame :) xxx


Cinque Terre, Italy | by 1D110

"At first I thought maybe Cal like conned him somehow? idk but tricked him into using the website so he could have the money but idk how that would work im so confused ahhhhh thank you though anyway:)) xxxxx"

yeah Cal did seem a bit suspicious but I wasn’t sure if that was just me :) I’m confused too & you’re very welcome my casualty anon xxx 

"hey okay maybe im being completely dumb but can you explain the end of casu. to me for last saturday?cal told fletch he lost all of his money because the market collapsed and that he didnt wait for the confirmation price, but then when cal left, fletch's phone went off asking him did he want to confirm the price... so in the end he got all of his money but he looked really pissed off? i think thats what happened sorry im really confused please can you explain? ahhh sorry xxxx :)"

argh I’m not sure, I just watched the end bit again and I honestly do not know, my guess is he already lost that money but then the prices went up? I have no clue though so I could be wrong bc just guessing so sorry :( xxx


try to see what I see


I think was possibly the sweetest part of that episode, it was perfect.


Cookies and cream fudge brownies


One of the most beautiful pics of Tom 

Harry Potter + Space

"Some books you read. Some books you enjoy. But some books just swallow you up, heart and soul."

— Joanne Harris (via a-thousand-words)

BBC Miranda Episodes | Series 3